Should John Caulfield remain Cork City FC manager for 2019?

John Caulfield 26/5/2017

There’s been a lot of conjecture and debate as to whether John Caulfield should be kept on as manager of Cork City FC for 2019.

2018 has been a disappointing season having given up the title in a rather tepid fashion as well as losing all four games in Europe without scoring a goal. Also, realistically, next season, top players will be attracted to Dundalk by virtue of the fact that they can pay much higher wages than Cork City can.

I feel that Caulfield has worked wonders since coming in as manager of Cork City in 2014, taking the club from mid-table to regularly top two in the country, with only a Dundalk side which is almost definitely the best side in League of Ireland history finishing ahead of City over the last five seasons – and of course City winning the League and Cup double last season.

City also still have the possibility of winning a third consecutive FAI Cup in November and, while the style of play might not be particularly easy on the eye, I feel that John Caulfield deserves to stay on for at least another year.

The Board of Management and FORAS also deserve a lot of credit, but to stay competitive with the likes of Dundalk (and Waterford and Shamrock Rovers) and of course to progress in Europe (the 2018 European campaign being particularly disappointing for City), I feel that Cork City might need to re-examine the ownership formula with the club going to maybe 51% fan owned and 49% private investment or something similar.

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